About Us

History of Barat Cargo...


Barat Cargo was officially founded in February 1998 as the new comer in freight business.

Fast and reliable services from us have proven that our customers needs freight service that can help them manage their package from the first step of shipping. By providing such help, our customers can sit back and relax while their packages maintained by us.

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We are also proud of an impressive track record: we have never lost a client due to performance issues. Due to this we are confident in asking you to trust that you will receive the ultimate in customer responsiveness.

Reasonable cost and high performance services is our headline motto to ensure our customers satisfaction. Customers will get as many as services we can afford but without adding more cost into it.

Join us and fell how we can help you to ship better.

Word From The Founder

My ongoing goal with Barat Cargo is to simplify the shipping process for you. Our vision is to consistently offer you the best rates in the industry while smoothly maintaining every aspect of your shipment from its initial pick-up to final destination.

As the president of Barat Cargo I take extraordinary satisfaction in making myself available and accountable to all clients at all points of the process.

Abdullah Hasan, MBA